The world’s first fully versatile, free weight punching bag

Now available on Indiegogo! 

Now available on Indiegogo

Tired of boring and repetitive workouts? Try OODA Ball!

It’s a compact, portable punching bag that’s designed to be both functional and interactive, so you’ll never get tired of your workouts! 

Challenge yourself, whether a beginner or expert, whenever and wherever you want with OODA Ball.


You’ll never get tired of your workouts thanks to OODA Ball’s 2-in-1 functionality! It can be used as a punching bag against the wall or floor, freestyle in mid-air, or as a versatile fitness ball.


Thanks to the OODA Loop engagement, you’ll be forced to OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) to move your whole body and be challenged to engage your entire core, unlike training with traditional punching bags.

Now, your workout will have the thrill of a sparring match without the concussions!


With the perfect balance of weight, speed, and density, the OODA Ball’s patented R.T.H.M. (Reactive Target Hyper-kinetic Motion) technology will help you develop punch accuracy, hand speed, hand-eye coordination, and proper form.


The OODA Ball is compact and portable so you can exercise whenever and wherever you want, perfect for traveling, working out outside or small living areas.


The OODA Ball Fitness app will be compatible with iOS and Android devices and provides tutorials and workout modules so you can always stay up to date on the newest workout trends. 

Plus, you’ll be part of a fitness community with like-minded people, even from home!

Now available on Indiegogo!